Barr Management


Barr Management

Barr Management runs a large group of financial service centers in the Chicagoland area. With over 60 locations, they service the local community’s various financial needs.



Financial Services




Barr Management needed Point of Sale (POS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that could integrate with dozens of external services including: Western Union, bill payment providers, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), and many others.

Our Solutions

With features like digital check scanning, risk management, and advanced reporting, we developed a world-class POS system that allows Barr Management to keep their competitive edge in a saturated and heavily regulated marketplace.

Point of Sale

We created a custom POS solution for Barr Management that runs on hundreds of teller workstations and processes millions of transactions each year.

Secure Integrations

Due to the variety of services they sell, we’ve developed secure integrations with dozens of third party financial service providers that allow real-time validation and data transfer.
integrations and AI

BI Analytics

We’ve developed a massive suite of BI Analytics tools for Barr Management that provide data on sales, teller performance and risk assessment.
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POS and ERP System
Digital Check Scanning
External System Integration

Systems Development for Financial Services

We have been Barr Management's primary development partner for over a decade and have built cutting-edge risk management and customer service tools that support their business.

We created a custom POS solution for Barr Management. This system runs on the workstations of hundreds of tellers, and processes millions of transactions totaling over a billion dollars annually.

Our team integrated OCR and MICR scanning at all Barr Management workstations, allowing them to capture high-quality scans and converting check images into real-time data.

We worked closely with Barr Management decision-makers to build out an advanced reporting toolkit, utilizing key metrics and visualizations to allow leadership to make informed decision in real-time.

Secure Integrations

Security Matters

We utilize secure, cutting-edge coding tools, static code testing, thorough code review process, and enhanced encryption to protect Barr Management’s customer data.


Our team created a software architecture that allows Barr Management to make modifications to their code as they see fit, without the need for client updates.

External Systems

We developed secure integrations with dozens of third-party financial service providers, allowing  Barr Management to get real-time validation and data transfer.

Technology Stack


Maintaining Software and Relationships

Amazing Support

We believe to our core that our clients are our partners. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients get the solutions to their issues in the quickest and most accurate manner.

Security and Compliance

At Liventus, we know how important security and compliance are for your business. That’s why we use state-of-the-art technology and employ rigorous training for our staff – to constantly be on the cutting-edge of security.

Continued Innovation

Technological innovation continues to grow at an exponential rate. We help businesses keep their competitive advantage by offering cutting-edge solutions to fit business needs.

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