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daVinci Payments

Formerly Swift Prepaid, daVinci Payments is an industry leader in providing prepaid solutions. Disrupting the industry by creating digital branded payment solutions, they have pioneered innovations ranging from payments with immediacy and choice to Brand AcceleratorTM, which boosts brands and drive engagement in real time.


Financial Services


Loyalty and Engagement


As the fast-paced Fintech industry evolves, so does the demand for technology. daVinci has been a leader in their space,  disrupting the payment card industry by working with us to develop their digital prepaid offerings. The technologies we built currently are utilized by over 25 million users and move over 1 billion dollars annually.

Our Solutions

Our partnership with daVinci is a classic example of how we partner with our clients to develop the best solutions possible. We have partnered with daVinci Payments for over 15 years, creating front and back-end systems that run their technology and have acted as an extension to their growing organization. Providing full-time development teams and technical resources, we ensure their mission-critical solutions are industry-leading while continuing to be fast, secure, PCI Compliant, and leading-edge.

Solution Architecture

We are integral in the development and management of their product development, consumer-facing systems and infrastructure.
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We have and continue to automate dozens of front and back-end process for daVinci to increase efficiency and enable growth.
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Security Compliance

Strict adherence and understanding of PCI and GDPR compliance is critical, we give daVinci confidence that their data is protected.
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Custom .NET/SQL
On-Prem and Cloud Architectures
PCI and SOC Compliances

Developing Solution Architecture

Liventus has dedicated agile teams that help support daVinci’s custom B2B and B2C development.

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Technology Stack


Maintaining Software and Relationships

Amazing Support

Liventus is deeply integrated with daVinci’s team to ensure their mission critical solutions are industry leading, fast, cutting edge, and secure.

Security and Compliance

We ensure payment processing is PCI compliant and that the customer’s personally identifiable information (PIN) is fully protected.

Continued Innovation

As a partner for over 15 years, daVinci and Liventus collaborate to continue to grow and expand daVinci’s service offerings and technolgical abilities.

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