Custom Business Solutions

Custom Business Solutions

For over 10 years, Liventus has been providing Custom Business Solutions through scalable and easy-to-use technology solutions. We help companies create and implement technology to optimize their everyday operations and maintain a competitive and productive advantage in their industry.

Our Approach

We understand that it's difficult to understand everything we do. That's why we pride ourselves in our hands-on approach of getting to know you and your business. We tailor solutions to you and your needs. For us, every client is different and every project is unique. Each client is assigned a team of professionals that work with you to gain a deep understanding of your business, industry, and business needs in order to create and support the best product possible.

By utilizing a set of proven practices to solve business challenges, Liventus provides its clients with successful, on-time, on-budget solutions.

The first step in our process is to assemble the project team and define the project's goals and requirements. Liventus works directly with your company to gain an understanding of your business needs and requirements. We take the time to learn about your organization and its people, inside and out, so that we can identify exactly how the applications we are generating will best benefit your business.

The next step on our process is the envisioning phase. This phase sets the foundation for successful project implementation and helps align your business and IT priorities. With a strong foundation in place, Liventus creates a master project plan that the client approves or adjusts appropriately in order to meet its needs. Once the master project plan is in place, our skilled professionals focus on building and testing the product, which eventually leads to successful implementation and optional training.

Evaluating and Auditing

At Liventus, we extensively examine our client’s daily business and business practices to audit and evaluate what areas can benefit with new or updated technology solutions. We are able to draw on our heavily experienced internal resources of business consultants and technology experts to evaluate what areas should be addressed for improvements.

Our evaluations address many areas – but here are some common areas and questions typically addressed.


  • Business Applications: What’s working? What needs improvement?
  • Legacy Systems: What can we do? How can we update?
  • Web: How can we gain better performance? How do we get more people to our site?
  • eCommerce: How can we improve Conversions?
  • API: How can we get outside data into our applications? How can we get our data into another application?


  • How can engage people in our technology? How do we optimize employee performance and productivity?

Analysis / Reporting:

  • How can we analyze and interpret our data?


  • How can we improve our day-to-day processes? How can we utilize technology to do this in 1/10th the amount time?

Determining the Solution

Custom Business applications can be tremendously advantageous to businesses and business operations – but only when successfully scoped, documented, programmed, and implemented. There are a lot of steps to take the concept to a reality. Liventus’ experience and in-depth knowledge is what our customers rely on to get the successful solution in place.

There are always a wide variety of solutions to choose from. Our processes to determine the best solutions are tested and proven so you can rest assured that your solution will be a success.

Our approach begins with first getting to know you and the project at hand. We gain an in depth understanding of your business and operations no matter the project so we know how to develop the most successful application for you. Once we have an in depth understanding of your business, we can dive into the project and solution.

Liventus is unique in that we don’t only have a technology experts, but also business experts who can bridge the gap between business and technology in order to bring you not only the most technically advanced solution, but also the best solution for your business.

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