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    Is there a relatively easy way to take all of my sign-up sheets from one site, and move them to another site? Like an import? I’m trying to figure out how to get the data moved over. Basically I run a site and we built a new site this year, from scratch. But then I had no way to move over all our previous volunteer sign-ups. I tried a million things with mapping the data, only to eventually discover that my old version of SUS Pro didn’t work on the new site because of PHP changes, and none of the old data showed up. Yes, we tried to re-run the data migration, and it didn’t work. I was super short on time (still am). So I bought the new $99 license and started over with the new version. Now I have data back in there but I’m having issues with a plugin conflict (supposedly) that causes some of the data from custom fields not to show up in the confirmation email. Now I’m trying to reproduce the data on a test site so I can see if it works there with no plugins (I cannot deactivate the plugins on my production site). I don’t want to copy over the complete site because it’s tedious.

    So bottom line: There’s got to be an easy way to move all your SUS data/sheets from one site to another when you migrate a site, right? Am I missing something? We’re going nuts with SQL dumps and trying to find where all the data is stored now. We finally got most of the data back on the test site, but all of the custom fields were missing.

    Help? Thank you!!!



    For the test site, you only need to create one sheet with all of the custom fields you need to do a quick test. You don’t need a full dump of all the data to test if there is a conflict with a plugin. As far as the data dump/import from one site to another, i will get back to you after i discuss with our sign-up sheets developer.



    For the data dump, there are a couple of options that should work….
    1. We use the built in “post types” so you should be able to use any WordPress import/export plugin. There is also a built in import/export feature on wordpress that you can use but if that doesn’t work, a plugin will probably work fine. If using the built in import/export feature, you will want to export “Sign-up Sheets” and “Tasks.” The global settings will not be exported, but you can export those with sql….please see below on how to pull all global settings. Unfortunately, “Signups” will not be exported so anyone that has signed up for a task will not be exported.

    To Pull all global settings….
    SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE ‘dls_sus%’ OR option_name LIKE ‘dlssus%’;

    2. You should be able to manually pull the data with SQL with something like this….
    SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type LIKE ‘dlssus_%’;
    SQL above should pull the main elements like Sheets, Tasks and Signups but not all of the information so you will also need the linked records from the wp_postmeta table

    Hope this helps,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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