2019 Small Business Expo

From Google Business Insights to Speed Networking – 2019 Small Business Expo Recap

In October, Danielle Dolloff, Executive VP of Business Development, attended the Small Business Expo in Los Angeles. Here’s what she had to say about the event.

Why attend? Well, truthfully to network and explore. Since I’ve stepped up as EVP of Business Development, a newly created position at Liventus, I’ve been in an exploration mode. Trying new things and discovering new ways to help the business expand. I did get to network, but it ended up being less than I thought. What was pleasantly surprising on the other hand was Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s quick introduction, Google’s presentation, and the speed networking session.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Introduction

I’ve only lived in Los Angeles for about 9 years. At heart, I’m a Midwesterner, living in Chicago and Minneapolis most of my life. I recently discovered that Los Angeles is the 3rd largest city in terms of economy, Tokyo and New York City taking 1st and 2nd place respectively. Los Angeles has a $1.05 trillion economy and a population of 19 million people, a large number was not surprising to me, having spent the last year driving through Los Angeles traffic.  There is no shortage of cars or people here! I also wasn’t aware of various beneficial programs Los Angeles has to offer to small businesses, such as microloans. The city will loan small businesses money when banks won’t.

Google’s Presentation

Honestly more people were in the room for the Google presentation than for the Mayor’s presentation. But I guess the people surmised who really could help their small business. I’m not exactly new to navigating the e-commerce marketplace, but I and many others found the Google presentation interesting. They did a great job of making the information accessible and actionable to everyone.

Google presented some basic Google tools that are imperative for any small business to take advantage of. The presenter showed how small business owners and operators can take advantage of:

  • Google My Business: how to manage your business’ presence on Google.
  • Google Ads:  how Google Ads works and how to use it for your business effectively.
  • Google Search Console: how to measure site performance including backlinks and click-thru rates.
  • Google Trends: how to identify keywords and phrases that customers are searching for.

Speed Networking Session

Whoa. This went fast. At minimum, you should have got down your 1 ½ minute pitch. Which is so important to quickly get across what your company does and how you add value. It’s good to practice pitching this. Some people had excellent potential to partner within a real business sense and others weren’t really a match. But all were interesting to hear about their endeavor and their passion. It was fun and fast and next time I would devote more time to this.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised at the LA Small Business Expo. I came to network, but I left with more knowledge than contacts.

If you are interested in attending the Small Business Expo, head to their site to see when they will be in your tcity.

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