Secure DocuSign Automation

Secure DocuSign Automation

Liventus can help you connect your CRM to DocuSign to access your lease documents in one secure location.

How does it work?

  • Credit has approved your leasing customer. All their data is in your CRM:
  • Liventus builds a connection from your CRM to DocuSign.
  • Send all your documents from DocuSign and get fast and secure eSignatures.


Save time and improve accuracy by sending your
lease documents from your CRM
into DocuSign for fast and simple execution.

Electronically move lease docs from CRM to DocuSign

Validate documents – check for missing information

Store frequently used documents with preset signature fields

Authenticate user with personal questions (lexis nexis)

Built to meet the highest security standards

Request more documents/information (like driver’s license)

Track the signing process with status notifications and automatic reminders

Bring copy of signed documents back into CRM for viewing

Connect Your CRM to DocuSign

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