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The Tri-Spoke Wheel That Drives B2B eCommerce Success

Over the last few decades, the world of B2B eCommerce has experienced a massive boom. However, setting up and operating a successful business-to-business eCommerce venture requires a lot more than just setting up a website and running marketing campaigns. Today, convenience, simplicity, and flexibility are the biggest concerns for all B2B clients. In this post, […]

Get Reliable Credit Data You Need to Make Sound Leasing Decisions

Application Processing to Drive Your Business Forward Simplify Your Application Process and Get Dependable Results. The burden of manually pulling together the necessary data to make a sound financing decision is a thing of the past. At Liventus, we have years of experience creating automated systems that pull credit data, bank statements, and tax returns […]

WEBINAR: Optimize the Checkout Experience

Liventus recently hosted our second eCommerce webinar, Optimize the Checkout Experience. This webinar took aim at the hot button topic of increasing conversions in your shopping cart. Get insights into key questions that can help your business increase your rate of conversions and bolster your bottom line. Webinar Host: Tim Dolloff Tim Dolloff was the […]

Why Annual Software Security Training Is Essential for Developers

Why it’s important to have your software developers go through annual secure code training (they should know the OWASP top 10). Why Annual Software Secure Code Training is Essential Now, More Than Ever With our world on Covid-19 lockdown, a vast majority of the global workforce now works from home – remotely tethered to a […]

French Kande: New eCommerce Case Study

Liventus builds eCommerce websites that are more than just eye candy. Functionality, security, and responsiveness play a huge factor in creating a positive online customer experience. Kande Hall is the sole designer behind the vintage forward fine jewelry brand, French Kande. The line features French vintage medallions she discovered during her travels throughout France. Timeless […]

Automate Your Leasing Process White Paper

We Can Help You Automate Your Leasing Process Do you want to process and book more leases with out sacrificing accuracy? Liventus can help you utilize technology to automate your leasing process saving time and becoming more efficient. Take the first step by downloading the Leasing Automation white paper.

WEBINAR: Answers to Pivoting Your eCommerce Business

Liventus recently hosted a webinar on eCommerce. Specifically we did this webinar because we wanted to help businesses in this time of uncertainty. eCommerce is particularly volatile at the moment with some industries seeing dramatic upswings and others experiencing steep declines. Technology can often bring solutions to some of the most complex problems so we […]

Magento Cart Abandonment

What is Cart Abandonment? Ever wondered why your website visitors are adding products to their cart but still drifting away from your website? This is called “Cart Abandonment”. A missed opportunity to convert a visitor into a customer can cost a business revenue. According to, up to 81 of 100 prospective buyers leave after […]

How to Implement Static Code Analysis Tools

Navigating the balance between development speed and security is a unique challenge. Applications and services are releasing faster than ever, with DevOps methodologies prioritizing rapid delivery. Static code analysis is the process of debugging by scanning source code for potential vulnerabilities like injections, broken authentication, broken access control, and insecure deserialization. Static application security testing […]