Liventus Consulting Services

How Does Consulting Work?

Discovery and Delivery Schedule

Stage 1

The approach begins with an on-site meeting where our consultants engage directly with your team to understand your business needs. We conduct a comprehensive review of your current processes and technology to identify areas for improvement. We document a list of impacted processes to ensure an understanding of the project scope. Finally, we assist in creating a detailed RFP questionnaire to help you find the right solution for your business.

Stage 2

RFI/RFP Discovery
This includes creating demo examples and conducting system demonstrations to showcase potential solutions. We document identified gaps, risks, and anticipated benefits of implementing our recommendations. Additionally, we provide estimates for costs and budget, along with projected timelines for project completion. This is when we are able to finalize the project scope effectively, ensuring comprehensive planning & alignment.

Stage 3

Contract Negotiation
We also facilitate negotiating and establishing license and purchase agreements to ensure seamless implementation of chosen solutions. Additionally, we help finalize support and service agreements to provide ongoing assistance and maintenance, ensuring long-term success and satisfaction with your technology investments. At Liventus, we aim to foster strong partnerships and streamline processes.

Stage 4

Project Kick-off
We kickstart projects in alignment with all stakeholders. Our comprehensive approach includes developing a conversion test plan and functional test strategy and crafting detailed functional test cases. We configure systems, integrate necessary components, and design robust reporting mechanisms to support your business goals effectively. Our team remains dedicated to delivering tailored solutions.

Liventus Consulting: What’s in Store

  1. Choose from different packages to suit your business needs.
  2. A thorough analysis of current systems and gaps
  3. Custom technology solution
  4. Review meetings at all stages
  5. Ongoing support post-deployment

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