The know-how of what happens
when you agree to work with us

Get the project rolling at the full length

Project Information



We meet with you to understand the project requirement and collect information. We review the information internally which we structure the ideas into a rough plan or wireframe. We further refine this plan by architecting our approach for high-level requirements and defining a formal work scope and a rough estimate.



We review the plan with you and discuss the pricing estimate. Factors like a project need to be broken down into sub-projects, target group size, and timeframe affects the estimate. While this is not firm pricing, we work hard to achieve the forecast. If the scope changes as we progress that affects the pricing, we will notify you early and give you options to keep on track.

A formal contract is signed at this stage and
seamlessly transitions to the next stage of project management



Technical Screening

We begin shortlisting our top talent to work on your project, who start with technical preparations for the custom development. Once the project is defined, we create a solid project roadmap and deliverables at each stage of the project.


Kickoff Meeting

We hold a kickoff meeting with you and our internal team to review the project’s defined scope and discuss the timeline and expectations. We also determine the recurring meeting schedule. In addition, we ask you to identify your employees who will be involved in the project and determine the process for handling scope creep.


Technical Set-up

Once we have access to code and hosting, we will set up a development environment and do all the necessary technical preparation for the custom development. There is no client involvement at this step.


Management and Scaling

The team gets to the design and development using Scrum and Agile methodology. We work in 2 weeks sprint to achieve each due date. Our team implements and integrates the custom solution to your existing technology. We then review the solution with you and provide technical support till you are delighted.

We identify gaps in your current technology and architecture and suggest custom
software solutions based on the latest tools and tech stack.