Liventus Helps Securely Integrate DocuSign into CRM

Liventus Helps Securely Integrate DocuSign into CRM

Northbrook, IL. May 14, 2021 — Liventus leverages its nearly 20 years of experience in the leasing industry to launch a new service: Secure DocuSign Automation. The service helps leasing companies integrate DocuSign into their existing CRM and set up a series of automations. This process removes manual labor from the docs process.

Liventus's Secure DocuSign Automation is an effective solution to reducing manual labor.

Secure DocuSign Automation electronically moves lease docs from CRM to DocuSign and back, creating a central repository for documents associated with an account. Liventus helps create and store templates of frequently used documents with preset signature fields to ensure teams send the correct document each time.

Sales can also request documents right from CRM and track the signing status. Liventus Secure DocuSign Automation can trigger automatic reminders to clients who haven’t completed their documentation. This paperless process makes it easier for the customer to electronically verify lease documents while also protecting their confidential information.

According to Liventus Founder Dan Levin, “Getting documentation completed timely and accurately has always been challenging for the leasing industry. The more documents sent back and forth, the larger chance of making a critical error. Our Secure DocuSign Automation has proven to create a better customer experience and improve the turnaround time for equipment leasing and financing transactions.”

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