Liventus Integrations and Implementation Expertise

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We design, build, and deploy premium, bespoke software solutions and web applications for small businesses, enterprises, nonprofits, and other organizations. Our track record speaks for itself—problems solved, tasks streamlined, costs cut.


We have more than two decades of experience in implementing systems and platforms to help your business realize its full potential. Whether you need to build something from the ground up or are looking to optimize your business, we can help.

How Can Liventus Help?

  • “Off-the-shelf” software implementation as per business requirements
  • Heavy customizations if needed depending on the software capabilities
  • Ongoing support after implementation

Examples of Software Implementations:

Can’t find the software you looking for on this list?


Enable your systems to talk using software integration services.

Liventus can help you integrate virtual and physical components of your business into a single cohesive infrastructure to ensure that all the individual pieces of an organization work as a whole.

What is System/Software Integration?

Integrating data between systems prevents duplicate manual entry and errors.

For example, customer data that originates in your CRM also needs to be in your invoicing system. Connect the two systems so data automatically moves between them.

Key Steps of System Integration

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