Our History

Liventus Building

Liventus was founded in 2002 with a small mission of creating automations and handling internal technology solutions for ECS Financial Services. In just a few short years, our staff grew and created Intranets, Extranets, paperless office solutions, CRM systems and integrations, as well as other internal solutions that streamlined ECS Financial Services and helped them become a technology leader and innovator in their industry. We very quickly realized how beneficial our services and products were to our internal organization and we shifted our focus to help existing ECS Financial Services clients fill their technology voids with our custom solutions and integrations. After a few more years we branched out into other industries, and created multiple custom software applications and our own E-Commerce sites which are still leading solutions in their respective industries. We quickly realized our future was in Custom Business Solutions and Business Process Automations.


Liventus is a full-service Business Solutions Technology company. We offer dedicated teams of full time developers, designers, marketing professionals, network managers, and business consultants. We have created and managed, from the ground-up, dozens of E-commerce sites that generate tens of millions of dollars annually. We have created and implemented CRM Systems, paperless office systems, purchase order systems, 3D imaging tools, and customer service applications. We have done work and continue to manage applications for companies such as Tag Heuer, Swift Prepaid, Glentronics, Relay Health, NOW Foods, Good Feet Worldwide, Broadway Direct, and more.

The professional staff members at Liventus are not only passionate about their work, but also about continuing to excel at their own strengths – which helps Liventus stay among the leaders in technology solutions.

About Liventus

About LiventusWe love to code – just about anything – and we’re awesome at it! Liventus’ goal has been to help each client maximize their business potential through the use of custom developed software tailored to each client’s requirements. Liventus specializes in business solutions that revolve around the latest software technologies, with a focus on Microsoft .NET and Magento eCommerce. Whatever your company’s need, Liventus can create a custom software solution to meet it. Whether you need a new system to run your business, a new mobile application to sell, a large-scale eCommerce site to interface with your accounting systems, or simply an implementation of an out-of-the-box software package, the professionals at Liventus have the experience and expertise to successfully meet your goals.

We are business consultants, programmers, marketing professionals, designers, and managers – all located in one firm.  At Liventus, we have an in-depth knowledge of both business and technology that is essential to our clients’ success. We are different from most development companies in that all of our employees are full-time and in-house – we do not outsource. While we do benefit from owning an overseas office, it’s ours – we own it, we control it.  The majority of our employees are USA based and because we also own an offshore office, we’re able to help keep your costs down by strategically balancing workloads.  Plus, we are transparent in everything we do – we are here to partner with you and create a long-term relationship.  The only way to do that is to be your partner.  We will always meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Global Services and Global Offices

Liventus is proud to employ people from all over the world. In 2013, we expanded our U.S. operations and opened an additional office in Bangalore, India, which is wholly owned and operated by Liventus. Today we employ over sixty people in our Bangalore office and continue to invest and grow not only that location, but also our downtown Chicago and southern California locations, in addition to our Northbrook-based headquarters.

Unlike other companies, we do not outsource. Our overseas location was created organically through strategic growth to accommodate our desire to retain top-talent. It was not created to simply cut costs; however, a bi-product of our decision to open a global office is that it helps maintain certain costs for our clients – and that benefit is directly passed through to our clients. It is another reason why Liventus maintains a competitive advantage over other development companies. We are transparent in our pricing, structure and our services to our clients, which are just a few of many reasons why our clients trust and continue working us.