Staff Augmentation

Get access to top IT talent when it is most needed without the hassle of the hiring process.

Liventus can help you provide the best talent in IT in the form of external hires to deliver projects that require a specific skill set for a limited time. Our experienced developers can work seamlessly with your team.

Why Choose Liventus

Best Talent In the Industry

Every year, we meticulously evaluate over 20,000 applications to ensure the most qualified IT professionals are hired for each project. Our dedication to continuous training helps them upskill throughout their careers.

Time Zone Compatibility

With our time zone-aligned resources, your resource will be available for real-time collaboration. This reduces the need for work to be completed at odd hours and makes communication easy.

Eliminate Recruitment Time

Easily fill a tech skill gap in your current team without the hassle of hiring and training. You can rest assured that the talent(s) deployed are already experts in their field and have been onboarded for their specific abilities.

Cost-effective Advantage

Reach out to bigger markets with the presence of external talent by showcasing the pool of talent available to them. Access to the best talent at a fraction of the cost. Position yourself higher relative to your competitors that lack this flexibility in hiring.

Top-Notch Tech Experts

We employ a broad, cross-functional team of designers, coders, developers, and solutions specialists who have a knack for working with the expectations of both stakeholders and end-users.

Our team is skilled in all major coding languages, multiple classes of software, and top-of-the-line cybersecurity specializations (SOC Type 2 and PCI). We are not one-trick ponies. If it can be done with software, we can do it.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

20 years of  building innovative software that you own.

We design, build, and deploy premium, bespoke software solutions and web applications for small businesses, enterprises, nonprofits, and other organizations. Our track record speaks for itself.

1000+ projects, 8+ Certified Competencies, 50 million+ end users, 150% effort given, 100% love to code.

We Respect Budgets

Our extensive experience, resources, and relationships enable us to craft quotes we can stand behind, empowering both us and our clients to avoid overages and sticker shock.

We Don’t Back Down

No problem is too hard, too specialized, or too unique for us to code it into submission. Whatever ails your organization, our team can cure it.

We Believe in Clarity

We work side by side with you, frequently checking in, and stay closely connected throughout the project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Staff Augmentation

If you have an in-house IT team, we hand over support responsibilities to them. We stay on the job as long as it takes to make a smooth handoff. We are not done until your IT team knows exactly how to handle any issues that may arise with the software.

If you do not have an in-house IT team, Liventus stays involved if necessary, ironing out bugs and making improvements so that your custom software solution is the best it can be.

Our devs ops assume the responsibility of the project from start to finish. Upon completion, we push the code to your repository. We will also sign a contract to deliver all the intellectual property to you.

We can flex the team as per your and the project’s requirement. We make sure this is done seamlessly and does not impose stress on any of the teams.

While this is an unusual situation, we will work collaboratively to resolve the issue. The goal is always to have the best productivity during any circumstances.

If you do not have a preference for the resource to work in a particular time zone, we find the person with the best fit which could be onshore or offshore. If you have a preference, we can adhere to that.

We plan around those events so the project does not fall behind. It’s a process of constant communication and re-evaluation, full of opportunities to adapt or pivot as needed.

Contact us today! A Liventus representative will listen to your requirements and parameters, ask questions, offer feedback, and get the ball rolling on an estimate for your custom software development project.

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Client Testimonials

Most impressive to me is their skillset and communication. They are able to problem solve and tackle projects in a timely matter. Their quick responsiveness to emails is impressive. I’m never left wondering.”
eCommerce Dev for Vitamin & Supplement Store
“It’s always hard to find good and reliable help, but Liventus does it right.”
Director of Administrative Operations in Facility Operations at DePaul University
“They have an enormous amount of integrity in their work.”
Owner of City Threads Children’s Clothing

Awards and Recognitions

We are the proud recipients of several prestigious industry awards that show how committed we are to achieving excellence in what we do.

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