We Take Security Seriously


Liventus ensures payment processing is PCI compliant and that your customers’ personally identifiable information is fully protected.

Soc 2 Type 2

Liventus undergoes annual SOC II type II audits that ensure our practices and procedures are sound and comply with the strongest standards in the industry.


Liventus knows how to comply with the GDPR in order to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens.

The need for secure application development is greater than ever.

Our applications are designed and implemented with proper security requirements. We use secure coding practices and put a focus on security risks by integrating them into day-to-day operations and the development process.

Our code goes through…

testing to provide the highest quality.

How We Ensure Secure Coding Practices

Secure code training exams.

Secure coding practices incorporated into each phase of software development.

Our code goes through static and dynamic code analysis.

10 requirements we use so that your software is made secure.

The Code

Security of Code

Security in Code

  1. Verify early and often
  2. Leverage security frameworks
  3. Secure database access
  4. Encode and escape data
  5. Validate all inputs
  6. Implement digital identity
  7. Enforce access control
  8. Protect data everywhere
  9. Implement security logging
  10. Handle all errors and exceptions

We follow and have extensive training on the OWASP top 10

Read more about our software security training here.