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Finance Of America Reverse LLC (FAR) is a retirement solutions company dedicated to helping senior citizens achieve their financial goals during retirement.

FAR’s specializes in helping retired citizens look towards the future with their retirement solutions like reverse mortgages and home-sharing. FAR partnered with Liventus to build innovative technology to improve their sales process and improve their customer experience.

We saw two opportunities where we could improve FAR’s employee efficiency and customer experiences. This resulted in:

  • Reverse mortgage calculator tool development and design
  • Customer portal web development and design
Finance of America - Custom Software Development
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Finance of America Reserved Illustrator

How We Increased Finance of America Reverse’s Portfolio

To help improve the efficiency of FAR’s reverse mortgage team, we custom built a calculator for their brokers that easily plugs in consumer data and receive estimations on a profile’s reverse mortgage.

Our expertise in data automation brought instant innovation: The project exceeded FAR’s expectations on how much it would get used.

FAR’s Reverse Illustrator automatically pulls Zillow home estimates, and the results shows details of the profile’s reverse mortgage.

Integrated CRM Web Solutions

We also provided the option to easily integrate Finance of America Reverse Mortgage Illustrator with Total Expert CRM partners. Once registered, the broker is given their own portal and can use the calculator.

FAR’s Customer Portal

FAR wanted their customers to have online access to their retirement solutions. We stepped in and built their home safe portal.

FAR-Customer Portal


It was important that FAR’s portal was responsive experience for both desktop and mobile users. With a mobile-friendly UI, reverse mortgage customers are able to review their current loan’s balance, status, and withdraw funds from anywhere.

FAR-Account Form Library


An extra bonus we included was establishing long-term communications with an account’s form library. It’s the ability for customers to upload estate information that can be given to the next of kin (or agreed upon party).

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