Smart Results with Equipment
Finance Automation

Today’s digital world allows your businesses to harness the power of automation and data to build cutting-edge tools. Give your business a competitive edge with custom-built equipment finance technology solutions.

Custom Tools & Services For Automating Your Equipment Finance Process

With Liventus innovative software, we target specific problems that are holding back your leasing business. Our goal is to provide a clear pathway to success and remove future obstacles effortlessly. How do we do it? Our services identify, measure, and fix complex issues one phase at a time. 

Phase 1: Application & Discovery Processing

Experience the power of pulling external data from multiple sources within seconds.

  • Discussion Board
  • Credit Inquiries
  • Asset Analysis
  • Real-time Commission Calculations
  • Background Check
  • Equipment Financing Application

Phase 2: Underwriting

Your sales and credit managers need to review highly accurate, detailed insights. Help your credit team spot potential red flags and increase the quality of your approvals.

Review Transactions and Key Qualifying Criteria: 

  • Credit Packages
  • Vendor Profile Analyses
  • Deal Versioning
  • Incident Reports
  • Vendor Metrics
  • Equipment Vendor & Asset Assessment
  • Term Set Versioning/Deal Changes
  • Background Check
  • Default & Recovery Data

Phase 3: Booking & Funding Integration

Liventus booking and funding solutions manage large amounts of it effortlessly.

Manage Your Lease Portfolio:

  • Lease Booking
  • Funding Source Profile
  • Funding Source Submission
  • Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Phase 4: Asset Management

Need to recover an asset? Not a problem. We know how to track it, reduce your losses, and help your team get it back efficiently.

Quickly Assess, Review, and Track:

  • Original Lease
  • Asset Images
  • Asset Summary
  • Equipment Location
  • Key Dates Summary
  • Gain/Loss Summaries
  • Remaining Book Value
  • Legal Documentation
  • Key Dates

Phase 5: Business Intelligence

Data is key to making sharp business decisions. That’s where we help push your businesses to the next level by providing our business intelligence solutions.

Gain deeper insights into your leasing business:

  • Financial Performance Metrics
  • Sales Rep Performance
  • Employee Productivity
  • Insurance Tracking
  • Equipment Vendor Metrics Analysis
  • Key Indicator Trending Analysis
  • Vehicle Title Tracking

Client Testimonials

“Liventus delivered a very high quality, extremely well commented, clean, and simple code that was used to reconcile a $700 million loan book. They fulfilled what they promised under budget, which was key for the success of the project.”
SQL and Python Scripting for Lending Company
“Their team is responsive whenever we need them to be!”
Portal Development for Learning Center
“If you compared our competition’s platform to ours, theirs would pale in comparison. The processes have become much simpler and more efficient. Liventus has built a longstanding partnership with us.”
CRM Development for Equipment Leasing Company

What level of automation are you at? Let’s find out!

Explore what is next for you in leasing automation. If most of your answers are NO, Liventus can help you get to the next step and facilitate you with equipment finance automation software that powers you to do more than manage leases.


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