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Liventus is a full-service Chicago-based business technology solutions company. We offer dedicated teams of full-time developers, designers, marketing professionals, network managers, and business consultants.


Cybersecurity is a priority for every company, regardless of their size. Billions of dollars have been lost in data theft, and 60% of small businesses fail within six months when they become victims of cybercrime.

Liventus crafts bespoke data security solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, their customers, and regulators. We are SOC Type 2 audited and PCI-assessed, and stay on the cutting edge of data security. Have compliance hurdles to clear? We can help!


When it comes to software, some organizations think that if it isn’t on the open market, it can’t be done. They try to shoehorn their workflow into an off-the-rack software solution that just doesn’t fit.

A perfect software solution fits an organization like a custom suit. We help organizations craft that perfect solution, from concept to implementation—solutions that increase productivity, decrease waste, and leave you wondering how you ever coped without it.


From online stores to shoppable social, eCommerce will define the commercial landscape of the next decade. Even organizations with no retail component find eCommerce to be a key ingredient to maximizing customer lifetime value and the customer acquisition cost they can afford.

Any organization that has not invested in its eCom distribution now will feel the pinch soon. Liventus works on the leading edge of e-commerce, designing custom integrations that position retailers and non-retailers alike to compete on the big stage.


Liventus is a recognized leader in Fintech solution design, creating PCI-compliant payment card and redemption solutions. We aid financial startups and enterprises in creating front-end systems for customer loyalty and engagement, as well as high-volume, enterprise level back-end solutions.

We also perform groundbreaking automation work in the financing and leasing industries, deploying disruptive AI solutions to produce reliable results through complex machine learning and decision-making capabilities.

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We are Liventus


Liventus is a full-service Chicago-based software development and technology solutions firm, partnering with organizations of all sizes to create custom software solutions that automate, simplify, and streamline the operations of complex enterprises.

Founded in 2002 in Northbrook, IL, our reputation for creativity, excellence, and a client-first ethic have propelled us all the way to our second location in Bangalore, India, and our new location in Chicago’s West Loop.

What made us succeed in a crowded field? Simply put, we love to code. We’re problem-solvers who–as much as the clients it’s been our pleasure to serve–get fired up by elegant solutions. We are honored by the companies and organizations that have brought us repeat business.

We don’t rest on our laurels, either. Voracious learners and consumers of what’s “next,” we stay current on the latest practical advancements in data security, software development, Fintech solutions–anything that helps our clients compete in a fast-paced world with unlimited possibilities.

Our Achievements

We are the proud recipients of several prestigious industry awards that show how
committed we are to achieving excellence in what we do


Liventus has been the key technology partner of Beacon Funding for nearly 20 years. The automation their solutions have brought to our team meant we went from approving a few deals per day to many. Our technology has seamless integration to internal and external systems and strict security protocols to protect data which gives us efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Our credit and sales teams are optimized allowing them to more effectively focus on managing and growing our business. The Liventus team is responsive to our needs and works with us side by side. Their insights and expertise have been critical to Beacon Funding and we truly value them as a partner.


Toby McDonough, President, Beacon Funding Corporation

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