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Fintech Software Development Solutions

Custom Integrated Fintech Solutions

From prepaid cards to the incentive and loyalty industry, we have created custom Fintech solutions to fit our clients needs. See how Liventus can help your company create the Fintech solution right for you.
When it comes to financing & leasing processes, the stakes are high. We work closely with our clients to ensure we automate processes that are reliable, accurate and secure. Learn more about how we can help your business implement solutions that are right for you.
Our clients trust us to build loyalty and engagement solutions that move billions of dollars annually securely while providing good experience for their customers.  Find out how Liventus can help you build and manage your loyalty and engagement program.

Relevant Expertise in Fintech

Systems Development

We have a wealth of experience developing and managing full systems, from primary applications to the ancillary processes, integrations and infrastructure to run it.

Integrations & AI

Integrate with existing systems and let programs interpret and automate complex decisions.

Big data & BI

Manage massive amounts of data with accuracy and speed by leveraging reporting to make better decisions.

What Sets Us Apart


We maintain rigorous compliance with industry security protocols.
Our iterative process allows for your continual feedback.
Our iterative process allows for your continual feedback.

Let Us Help You With Your Business’ Fintech Solutions

POS and ERP System
Digital Check Scanning
Risk Management
External System Integration

Case Study: Barr Management

Custom POS

Barr Management needed custom solutions to help run over 60 service centers in Chicagoland. We helped Barr Management create a custom POS and ERP system that integrated with dozens of external services including Western Union, bill payment providers, OFAC, and many others. Learn how we were able to build in digital check scanning, risk management, and reporting features to give our client a competitive edge.