E-commerce Solution – The Beistle Company

Developing eCommerce solution that could handle complex pricing rules, integrate with its ERP system, and offer a better user experience for customers.





About the Company

The Beistle Company, or simply Beistle, is an American company known for manufacturing holiday decorations and party goods and is particularly known for its catalog of Halloween decorations. Beistle was founded in 1900 in Pennsylvania by Martin Luther Beistle, who created the company after being inspired by his experiences as a calendar salesperson and his exposure to a form of paper craft during a visit to Germany.


  • The website design was dated and did not support mobile screens well.
  • There was poor navigation that lacked web accessibility features.
  • Backend administrative functionality was limited and out of reach for sales and support personnel.
  • Pricing rules were highly complicated based on multiple customer, product, and quantity variables.
  • The eCommerce solution required a complex and critical integration with ERP system.
  • There were two distinct product lines, standard products, and customized promotional products, all with separate pricing and ordering procedures rules. Custom ASI products were not integrated into the existing eCommerce store.

The Solution

  • Modernized eCommerce website with responsive design.
  • All pages include new navigation features search, category menus, and new products.
  • A new contact form and live chat option.
  • Custom Magento theme built for optimal performance and web accessibility.
  • Magento Admin offers role-based permissions for data entry and reporting tools, tailored to each employee’s needs through intuitive interfaces.
  • Custom ERP synch module was coded to handle importing and exporting critical data between Magento and ERP system.
  • ASI products can be customized and seamlessly searched, ordered, and priced as a separate product type with custom-coded modules in the catalog.


The Beistle Company’s new Magento eCommerce website has been a resounding success, achieving significant improvements in several key areas:

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Technology Stack

  • Magento Logo