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Leveraging innovative technology to provide all stakeholders with a one-stop shop for processing, managing, and tracking claims.




Custom Development

Planning for the Future

BMI wanted a new solution where external client administrators, brokers, medical providers, and members could submit, access, view, track claims, and upload supporting documentation.

The Problem

The aging portal was running on an inferior technical platform with outdated software, As a critical part of its TPA services, BMI maintained a web portal for brokers and school and sports administrators, giving them access to their claim information. The aging portal was on an inferior platform and, in due time, would not meet changing security standards to protect information.  The current system also requires a lot of manual management on the backend.

About the Company

Bob McCloskey Insurance specializes in providing a wide range of insurance solutions to the education sector, including colleges & universities and private and public K-12 schools. BMI Benefits (BMI) is the claim administration arm of Bob McCloskey Insurance.

Technology Partner

BMI selected Liventus as their technology partner to guide them through the design and planning processes and develop and deploy a new claims portal solution along with the interfaces to the back-office systems.

The Solution

New Claims Portal

  • Solved the immediate platform and security issues
  • Gave BMI a modern user interface
  • Extended access to brokers and clients
  • Provided many new features and functions to the portal
  • Easier to maintain
  • Added Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

The new Claims Portal also provides BMI with an industry-leading solution built to support new modules, and new features requested by their user community and efficiently scale to support future growth.

Claims Portal

Built on a secure platform, all constituents can access the data needed and seamlessly work together. The entire process has been streamlined and automated, reducing manual processes and saving time and money.

How the Claims Portal Helped Users

The claims portal increased its value as more constituents are now being served. The vision was to not only support the existing clients and policyholder administrators but also to allow access by brokers, providers, and members or their guardians to view relevant information.

These users are now able to…

  • Access and track more information
  • Quickly upload supporting documents, all without phone calls or emails
  • Receive automated notifications

Claims Portal Features

With the help of claims portal technology, BMI can now provide a secure, convenient solution to access claim information and monitor the status of their claims.


Key user groups include:

BMI Staff:

  • Administrators: BMI personnel
  • Claim Examiners: Review claims
  • CSR’s: Support clients and members
  • Management: View audit and performance reports

Client Administrators:

  • School, College, and sports policyholders to create and view member claims


  • Access claims of clients


  • Providers: Medical providers of services to members
  • Members/Guardians: View claim status

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Technology Stack

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  • The expertise and thoroughness from the Liventus team, working with us to build a system from the ground up, has produced a solution that has been well received by our clients. Our new claims portal has greatly improved the client experience and expanded the resources and capabilities available to our clients and partners.
    Matthew J. Deeb, Vice President of Sales & Operations