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Modernized Online Application and Improved User Experience for a Premier Frozen Donor Egg Bank for IVF


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Client Profile

The premiere frozen donor egg bank, Fairfax Egg Bank, provides a diverse selection of pre-screened, FDA-Compliant donors to help recipients build their families. It is one of the most reliable donor egg sources in the world. Fairfax Egg Bank originated as part of the fresh donor egg IVF program at the Genetics & IVF Institute (GIVF). Fairfax Egg Bank is a subsidiary of the GIVF and Fairfax Cryobank, one of the nation’s largest sperm banks.


  • They faced challenges due to their outdated and manual backend systems and processes.
  • Fairfax Egg Bank also faced inefficiency in its online application process.
  • There was a rise in the number of incomplete applications due to a lack of automation.
  • The clinic was also struggling to filter out undesirable applicants, which was leading to a lower quality of donor applicants.

Our Solution

  • Front-end WordPress Website
  • Online Application tool
  • Informational Dashboards
  • To address these challenges, Fairfax Egg Bank worked with our team of experts to create an interactive and customized WordPress front-end website.
  • The team also revamped the online application tool, automating much of the process to reduce the number of incomplete applications
  • The team added features that improved the entire donor screening process to help filter out undesirable applicants.
  • Finally, the team created a dashboard that showcases the number of applicants in each process stage, providing greater transparency and accountability.


  • Improvement in the quality of donor applicants by filtering the less interested donor applications Fairfax Egg Bank was receiving.
  • Fairfax Egg Bank witnessed a 50% increase in viable donor applications
  • Overall, Fairfax Egg Bank was able to streamline its application process and improve the quality of its donor pool, resulting in a better experience for clients and partners.

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