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Empowering NOW Foods' Mobile Transformation: A Seamless App Experience Driving Higher Conversions


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NOW Foods Transforms Digital Presence

NOW Foods, a pioneering force in the natural health products industry since 1968, sought to revolutionize its digital presence. In this case study, we explore how Liventus leveraged cutting-edge technology to develop an advanced web and mobile application, enhancing NOW Foods’ reach and customer engagement in the competitive vitamins and supplements market.

Challenges NOW Foods Faced

NOW Foods faced a pressing challenge—its existing app was not optimized for mobile eCommerce, despite a significant portion of its traffic coming from mobile users. This mismatch threatened to hinder their growth potential.

Our Solutions

Mobile App Integration

We developed a robust mobile app compatible with iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a seamless and responsive mobile shopping experience.

Authentication Security

Authentication security was integrated between the mobile app and the Magento eCommerce site, enabling single sign-on convenience for customers, enhancing security, and simplifying the user journey.

Loyalty Points Integration

To foster customer loyalty, we implemented a loyalty points system that bridged the gap between in-store and mobile shopping. This allowed customers to accumulate and redeem points across various channels, increasing customer retention.


The implementation of Liventus’ solution yielded remarkable results for NOW Foods:

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