Intelligent Underwriting Solution for Your Leasing Business

End-to-end automated solution that sets credit decisioning on autopilot. We deliver custom software through an iterative + incremental development process.

Our underwriting process helps our online applications eliminate about 500 hours of data entry on paper forms.

Much simpler than the legacy software. Things that took 100 steps previously are now done in 10.

Automated Underwriting Technology That Readily Addresses Your Specific Pain-points

1. Underwriter may take up to 9 days to collect all the data, analyze it, and make the final crediting decision.1. Minimum of 50% increase compared to the number of leases that can be processed by an underwriter.
2. The business is hard to scale cause of the operational expenses that grow with the number of customers.2. The system takes care of lease decisions, providing you with a risk score or an automatic credit decision.
3. Human error harms your business image and lowers both potential and real revenue.3. Human error is eradicated, but some decisioning can be retained. Underwriters can review the borrower’s information in a well-designed workspace.
4. Borrowers must come in person, wait in line, and answer questions. This wastes time, especially if the lease is declined.4. The scorecard includes stopping rules that, when triggered help, automatically reject low-quality deals.

Our Underwriting Technology:


Intelligent Automation

Our robust and flexible platform delivers fully automated underwriting solution that delivers paperless and efficient systems for processing applications with multiple scoring approaches and data sources.


Credit Scorecard Audit

We utilize a combination of traditional credit bureau scores, integrated with an automated scorecard, plus alternative borrower evaluation techniques.

Fraud Prevention

Intelligent credit decisioning allows us to radically cut the number of fraudulent leasing applications. This simplifies regulatory compliance and also improves the bottom line and portfolio health of your overall business.


Analytics & Real-time Reports

We offer built-in advanced reporting and analytics functionality. We enable you to create flexible reports, import and export data from and into our module in seconds and analyze data in professional tables and charts generated on the go.

Why Utilize Liventus Underwriting Technology

  • Intelligent risk scoring
  • Credit history analysis for Vendor profiles
  • End-to-end Credit Package Automation
  • Deal Versioning
  • Instant Scoring Reports
  • Dedicated Underwriting Workspace
  • E-signatures
  • Monitoring and Reporting


Learn more about our Underwriting Process. Download the whitepaper.