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Established in 1992, Arco construction is the 7th largest design/build general contractor in the US. ARCO offers the strength and presence of a national builder with the personalized attention of a small company. With more than 4,000 successful projects spanning 48 states, they have developed the industry-specific expertise to provide the best, most cost-effective, single-source solutions and add value to every project.

Building a workflow in ARCOST

There was a data consistency issue where backup copies of the data were being used instead of original data. This issue allowed users to enter codes in whichever way they wanted resulting in bad reporting and internal confusion.

Our Solutions

We built the approval workflow in the ARCOST application. If any of the users added a code to some item, it must be first approved by the admin before it gets applied to the original data. This seemingly trivial feature made a huge difference in data consistency, eliminating errors and hence reducing business costs

Case Studies

Barr Management

Creating a document management system

Employees were used to mainly using excel spreadsheets to match or keep track of the codes. Now the challenge with spreadsheets is they are hard to manage over entire projects, especially the projects that run over a span of time. Spreadsheets involve a certain level of programming (formulae) which tend to be complicated and are likely to crash if the data size is huge. So, over a period of 1 project typically that runs for 6 months, 12 months, 18 months; people struggled in maintaining an accurate database securely. If a spreadsheet got corrupt, the entire database of the project would be lost. Basically, the business lacked a reliable tool to handle and process a huge amount of data.

Our Solutions

We added a version control and source control for spreadsheets. A document management feature was implemented where instead of a user going to the ARCOST downloading one of these special spreadsheets, they could integrate it to the SharePoint. This involved learning business-specific terminology and rules related to programming before crafting a solution for them.

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PRTG Hosted Monitoring System

No monitoring of the systems for downtime and bandwidth usage.

Our Solutions

We set up a PRTG Hosted Monitoring Solution including the configuration of the PRTG host and remote monitoring device.  Also, created custom scripts to assist in determining the status of various integration services, reporting services, and applications.

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