Beacon Funding


Beacon Funding

Beacon Funding is a leading financing company, providing small-ticket equipment financing since 1990.


Beacon Funding was looking to increase the speed and accuracy of their leasing process by implementing technology to automate and make their business more efficient

Our Solutions

For the past 15 years, we have led the way for all of Beacon’s technological advancements. As part of our process, we not only built the framework and technology for Beacon’s software, also assist with ongoing support. We help maintain and manage their tech, from custom CRM applications and integrations to leasing automation and workflows. By doing so, we ensure the programs are working smoothly, secure and updated, and optimized.

Systems Development for the Leasing Industry

As Beacon Funding grew, they needed a technology partner to implement scalable platforms that could automate large business processes

We worked with Beacon Funding every step of the way, navigating a heavily-regulated industry to ensure that their processes were accurate, efficient, and focused on the customer and staff – all while keeping the security of their data a central focus.

Our team helped implement seamless integration across multiple platforms, allowing Beacon Funding’s various systems to communicate with their CRM, ensuring that customer data is current and accurate.

We worked closely with Beacon Funding to determine their business’ needs when vetting applicants for financing. By developing a software designed to improve accuracy and efficiency, Beacon Funding’s ability to underwrite deals increase by 5,000% daily!

Technology Stack

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Liventus has been the key technology partner of Beacon Funding for nearly 20 years. The automation their solutions have brought to our team meant we went from approving a few deals per day to many. Our technology has seamless integration to internal and external systems and strict security protocols to protect data which gives us efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Our credit and sales teams are optimized allowing them to more effectively focus on managing and growing our business. The Liventus team is responsive to our needs and works with us side by side. Their insights and expertise have been critical to Beacon Funding and we truly value them as a partner.
Toby McDonough,
President, Beacon Funding Corporation

Why Clients Like Working with Liventus