How Does Custom Technology Transform Premier Frozen Donor Egg Bank’s Operations feat. Tim Dolloff


In this episode, we explore a fascinating case study featuring a premier frozen donor egg bank and the transformative custom solutions developed by Liventus. Our guest, Tim Dolloff, who also led the project, discusses the challenges faced by the egg bank, the innovative solutions implemented by Liventus, and the remarkable impact these changes have had on their business.

Chapter 1: The Challenge

The egg bank faced a significant challenge in managing the intricate process of identifying, screening, and retaining potential egg donors. The existing system was cumbersome, involving multiple websites and manual steps, which led to high dropout rates.

Chapter 2: Building a Seamless Solution

Liventus developed a comprehensive solution that included an intuitive front-end interface for donors and an automated portal for the production team. The donor interface simplified applications, automated notifications, and facilitated communication. The production team’s portal tracked donor status, managed information, and oversaw the entire process from application to egg freezing.

Chapter 3: The Impact

The results were impressive. The egg bank’s business nearly doubled within a year or two of implementing Liventus’s solutions. The streamlined process quickly screened out unsuitable applicants while efficiently moving viable candidates through the process, enhancing donor eggs’ quality and availability.

Chapter 4: Multiple Solutions for Complex Needs

Liventus catered to different system users, including donors, intended parents, and the production team. For donors and intended parents, custom extensions were integrated into the egg bank’s WordPress site, making the application and search processes seamless. A custom portal using Microsoft Stack was developed and integrated for the production team with their ERP system, ensuring smooth data flow and efficient management.

Chapter 5: A Collaborative Development Process

Liventus’s approach began with a discovery phase to understand the client’s needs, followed by an agile development process with two-week sprints. Continuous collaboration with the client ensured their feedback was incorporated throughout the project, resulting in a tailored solution that met their specific requirements.

Chapter 6: Overcoming Challenges

Liventus faced challenges such as adapting to changing business needs and integrating with an external vendor’s Oracle ERP solution. The agile process allowed flexibility and responsiveness, overcoming these hurdles to build a robust system.

Chapter 7: Ongoing Support and Evolution

After the launch, Liventus continues to provide support by implementing new features based on client feedback and maintaining system security and performance. This ensures the system evolves with the client’s growing business needs.


In summary, Liventus’s custom solutions have revolutionized the egg banking process for their client, doubling their business and significantly improving efficiency. This case study underscores the importance of tailored solutions and continuous collaboration in achieving business success.

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