Booking & Funding Integration Built to Scale

Booking & Funding Integration Built to Scale

Book a Lease Without the Busy Work

In the leasing industry it’s of the utmost importance that customer data isn’t lost and each item in a deal is securely handled. Tracking hundreds of changes to leases each month using spreadsheets and emails isn’t a scalable approach. Don’t lose your critical documentation! Lease booking and funding integration technology can help make sure your portfolio is always organized and expertly managed. Bring your sales, asset management, funding sources, accounting, reporting and analytics into one robust equipment financing and leasing portfolio.

Liventus specializes in helping equipment financing and leasing companies save time and improve accuracy through booking automation. Whether you’re looking to seamlessly know where a title is in the life-cycle of the lease or are looking to automate the application to booking process, Liventus can make a technology solution for you.


Here’s 3 Ways Liventus Can Optimize Your Booking Process.

1) Lease Booking. Liventus can help your organization automate and standardize a PDF application credit package for each new equipment financing transaction.

2) Funding Source Integration. Determine the right funding source for each deal.

3) Sales Tax. Integrating multi-state sales tax rules and rates in one place.

Download the Booking & Funding Integration Guide to find out more about our leasing automation services here. 

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Redefining Leasing Technology

Beacon Funding is a niche equipment financing lender with 30+ years of expertise. They came to Liventus looking to increase the speed and accuracy of their leasing process by implementing technology to automate and make their business more efficient.

Liventus has led the way for all of Beacon’s technological advancements by creating a strong partnership. By fully understanding Beacon Funding’s core processes and business goals, we helped build and maintain custom solutions they can depend on. “The Liventus team is responsive to our needs and works with us side by side,” explains Toby McDonough, President of Beacon Funding. “Their insights and expertise have been critical to Beacon Funding and we truly value them as a partner.”

It’s our goal to help companies fill their technology voids with our custom solutions and integrations. As part of our process, we not only built the framework and technology for Beacon’s software, also help with ongoing support. We maintain and manage their tech, from custom CRM applications and integrations to leasing automation and workflows. By doing so, we make sure the programs are working smoothly, secure and updated, and optimized.

“Liventus has been the key technology partner of Beacon Funding for nearly 20 years. The automation their solutions have brought to our team meant we went from approving a few deals per day to many. Our technology has seamless integration to internal and external systems and strict security protocols to protect data which gives us efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Our credit and sales teams are optimized allowing them to more effectively focus on managing and growing our business.” – Toby McDonough, President, Beacon Funding


How Liventus Helps Leasing Companies

  • Systems Development. We create the precise business tools you need to improve your processes and optimize your work force.
  • Big Data & BI. We manage massive amounts of data with accuracy and speed by leveraging reporting to make better decisions.
  • Continued Support. We continue to work as their development team and measure our success when they succeed.


About Liventus

We love to code, integrate, and see our clients succeed. Since 2002, we have automated in the financing & leasing industry with an emphasis on securing and protecting data.  We take your company and your customer’s data seriously, and rigorously test our code to make sure the highest quality. We’re not happy unless you’re successful using the tools that we deliver, and we don’t stop until you’re satisfied.

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Dan Levin is president and co-founder of Liventus. Connect with him on LinkedIn here