Building a Custom B2B Ordering System for a Health Food Manufacturer feat. Tim Dolloff


In this podcast episode, Tim Dolloff, Executive Vice President of Client Engagement, discusses a case study of how Liventus helped Now Foods build a custom B2B ordering system. Now Foods, a health food manufacturer, needed a solution to streamline their order process and reduce errors.

This blog provides a snapshot of the enriching discussion on the Now Foods project. For a comprehensive understanding and to stay updated on such transformative stories, check out the full podcast episode on the Liventus platform.

Overview of Now Foods and Their Needs:

  • Now Foods, a prominent health food manufacturer in the U.S., sought a solution for their B2B operations, catering to around 15,000 retailers.
  • Their existing order processing relied on traditional channels like phone calls and faxes, leading to inefficiencies, errors, and increased costs.

Objectives of the Solution:

  • The primary goal was to enhance the convenience of ordering for Now Foods’ customers, allowing 24/7 access and reducing manual errors.
  • Streamlining the order process aimed to decrease costs associated with returns and reshipping incorrect orders.

Positive Impact on Business:

  • Over 50% of retailer orders shifted to the new system within six months of implementation, demonstrating a significant and rapid adoption rate.
  • The solution not only streamlined the ordering process but also increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Challenges and Development Process:

  • The project presented unique challenges, such as integrating with Now Foods’ ERP system for real-time, individualized pricing.
  • A completely custom solution was identified as the best fit, involving a detailed discovery phase, wireframing, and ongoing collaboration with the client.

Long-Term Client Relationship:

Now Foods has been a client of Liventus since 2007, highlighting the enduring impact of the solutions provided. To explore the project in-depth, understand the custom B2B system, and get advice on similar projects, listen to the full podcast episode on LivByte Podcast, your go-to source for everything custom software development and tech industry-related.


00:00 – Introduction

00:49 – Project Overview

03:21 – Custom B2B Ordering System

06:23 – Building the Solution

12:23 – Benefits of the B2B Ordering System

14:09 – Advice for Similar Projects

15:40 – Client Relationship

16:18 – Conclusion