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Save Man Hours with an Automated Underwriting Process

Leasing companies are bombarded with applications daily that range from excellent to questionable in quality. It’s part of the reason more businesses are turning to automation to help filter out unqualified candidates.

Download this free white paper to learn how other companies have saved countless man-hours by automating their underwriting process, including:

  • Streamlining your data into one credit package
  • Highlighting the most important credit criteria per transaction
  • How to track the evolution of each deal

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“The automation their solutions have brought to our team meant we went from approving a few deals per day to many. Our technology has seamless integration to internal and external systems and strict security protocols to protect data which gives us efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Our credit and sales teams are optimized allowing them to more effectively focus on managing and growing our business.”

Toby McDonough
Toby McDonough
President, Beacon Funding Corporation