How Do You Create a Secure Software Development Solution?

Dan Levin

Software permeates every aspect of our lives—it’s on our computers; in our smartphones and tablets, our watches, the devices we touch, our TVs, when we clock in for work, and when we settle down to relax. Think about that—would hundreds of millions of consumers really depend on that software so cavalierly if they knew how […]

4 Best Practices for Secure Software Development and Testing

Dan Levin

The recent ransomware attacks on the Colonial Pipeline, which plunged the eastern US into a gas shortage, have shone a glaring spotlight on the importance of secure software development.  Cybersecurity experts assure us that large energy concerns are far from the only target—individuals, small businesses, and local governments can easily become the target of ransomware […]

6 Custom Software Development Trends to Watch in 2022

Dan Levin

It’s 2022 and a new dawn in the world of custom software development. As more companies enter the custom software marketplace, as sellers as well as consumers, software developers are in a position to set the tone of the next several decades.  Whether your 2021 flew by or seemed to drag on forever, here are […]

5 Training Tips for Secure Software Development

Dan Levin

When most people think of software security, they think of the secure software development life cycle. This might involve coding best practices, the use of scanning tools like SAST, DAST, and IAST, as well as penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities in the software. But the real hard work of secure software development comes after the […]

How to Keep a Custom Software Development Project On-Budget

Dan Levin

It’s a momentous time in the life of any organization — the decision to bring a brand-new software solution to the marketplace. Or to abandon off-the-shelf operational software solutions in favor of a custom software solution, developed bespoke for your organization to do exactly what your organization needs it to do. Organizations understandably light up […]

How To Evaluate Your Technology Partner

Dan Levin

In this lightning-paced world, businesses rely on state-of-the-art technology to stay competitive, adaptable, and relevant. That means finding the right software company for your business problems is a must. We often say creating a custom solution for businesses is like building a house – software begins with a vision and requires careful preparation, planning, communication, […]

4 Keys to Secure Software Development in 2021

Dan Levin

Software is everywhere. Society ran on steam; then it ran on electricity; now it runs on software. Software is in your car, your microwave, even your lightbulbs. According to Forbes, human society produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. That’s 25 followed by seventeen zeroes. The sobering fact understood by cybersecurity experts is that […]

What Cybersecurity Looks Like in 2021

Dan Levin

Originally published 3/24/2040 – this article was updated with best practices for 2021.  Anonymous cybercriminals stealing data and violating privacy haunt the nightmares of companies big and small. Thieves with sensitive information know they can hold even large enterprises for ransom.  Unsurprisingly, information privacy standards vary greatly when so many parties are trading data. Often, […]

The 5 Qualities of Best-in-Class Fintech Solutions

Dan Levin

It’s easy to forget how far we have come. Just a few short years ago, if we wanted to make a financial transaction, we had to leave our house and go to the bank. Vast sums of money changed hands based on paper contracts, shuttled between offices by hand courier. Huge financial companies invested small […]

What to Look for in a Custom Web Application Development Agency

Dan Levin

The popularity of web applications signals a tidal shift in the way people consume the Internet. It’s not enough to look good—people expect websites to do things. In fact, Software as a Service forms a robust branch of the internet commerce tree—web applications so powerful that people pay to access their functions, similar to those […]