Equipment Leasing Asset Recovery Management System

Dan Levin

Equipment leasing and financing companies are reliant on the success of the industries they serve. When an industry-specific recession hits, it can significantly impact active leases and increase the need for asset recovery. As each sector continues to recover from the pandemic’s impact, those with dependable technology and sound asset recovery systems will weather the […]

Booking & Funding Integration Built to Scale

Dan Levin

Book a Lease Without the Busy Work In the leasing industry it’s of the utmost importance that customer data isn’t lost and each item in a deal is securely handled. Tracking hundreds of changes to leases each month using spreadsheets and emails isn’t a scalable approach. Don’t lose your critical documentation! Lease booking and funding […]

Secure Code Training

Dan Levin

Liventus’ entire team of nearly 80 developers and QA staff recently completed secure code training. This is a full-day training that is led by an outside security and risk specialist firm. Cybersecurity is a key focus for Liventus so we make this training a priority for our staff. The firm follows a specific agenda of […]

Why Annual Software Security Training Is Essential for Developers

Dan Levin

Why it’s important to have your software developers go through annual secure code training (they should know the OWASP top 10). Why Annual Software Secure Code Training is Essential Now, More Than Ever With our world on Covid-19 lockdown, a vast majority of the global workforce now works from home – remotely tethered to a […]

10 Software Development Best Practices

Dan Levin

One of the most common oversights when developing software is security. Sometimes it’s due to inexperience, as in the software/product team are simply too junior to know about specific edge-case scenarios that more experienced people learn over time. Other times it can be out of pure negligence and poor decision making to rush a product […]

Why Every Company Should be Using Multi-Factor Authentication

Dan Levin

Many people believe that using a password is enough to protect their information. But most people rarely change important passwords or don’t make them nearly sophisticated enough. All cybercriminals need are a reasonable brute force attack or social engineering trick to steal your password. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), adds another layer of defense on top of […]

Liventus Passes the SOC 2 Compliance Audit for Cybersecurity

Dan Levin

Liventus, a custom software development firm specializing in the Fintech industry, is pleased to announce it passed its Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 compliance audit. The audit covered controls around security and processes for the software development life cycle (SDLC) and business processes services (the “BP”), as well as platforms related to supporting information […]

Using Automation and Business Intelligence to Increase Profitability

Dan Levin

Financial reporting such as income statements and balance sheets are not only required under GAAP accounting standards but also for running a business effectively. However, that’s not to say those are the only reports that are necessary to help executives of any business make informed decisions. Further, the interpretation and analysis of financial reports can […]

Best Practices For USB Devices

Dan Levin

Did you know that the two greatest sources of data security breaches are lost laptops and USB drives? Malware lurking on your USB device can lead to a ransomware attack! To help protect your data and limit your exposure to malware, follow these best practices: USB Drive Security Tip #1 Only use USB devices when […]