WEBINAR: How to Design Your Website with Accessibility in Mind

Carl Nadig

Accessibility on the web is not just a nice-to-have feature. For website developers and eCommerce businesses, it’s our responsibility to make the internet open for everyone. The truth is there is no cookie-cutter visitor for your website. Knowing how to design your site to make sure you are keeping it accessible to all potential customers […]

Developing Custom Solutions For You [About Liventus Video]

Carl Nadig

Who is Liventus? Let Us Show You What We’re About Find a custom technology partner that can bring your ideas to life. With Liventus, there is no limit to the problems our technology can solve. In our new “About Us” video, virtually meet the thought leaders at Liventus: Tim Dolloff (EVP of Client Relations), Dan […]

Bring Your Idea to Life with Our 8 Step Custom Development Process

Carl Nadig

Develop Your Leasing Process with Liventus’s Agile Development Workflow Working with Liventus means collaborating with innovation. Since 2002, we’ve redefined leasing processes with customer-focused products and robust applications that deliver results. Get your project on an agile development workflow and see how your leasing process comes to life in eight efficient steps. 1. Discover. We […]

WEBINAR: Learn To Meet Your Bottom Line with Data-Driven Decisions [Business Intelligence]

Carl Nadig

As a custom software company on the brink of revolutionary technology, Liventus routinely leverages quality data and predictive trends to provide insights, build confidence, and give our customers a competitive edge. Watch our exciting webinar on how leasing companies can enrich their portfolios with machine learning and business intelligence best practices. What is machine learning, […]

Is Your Site Ready to Handle Predicted Holiday traffic?

Carl Nadig

This holiday season is geared to be a unique one. As eCommerce and advertising adapts to 2020’s historic changes, how can your online store benefit from these trends? Let’s look at the data. What Can Your Online Store Likely Expect For This Holiday Season? Small retailers who positioned themselves on reputable and secure digital sale platforms could […]